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One person customisable acoustic booth



Special soundproofing material hidden in the walls and almost 5 m² of bass traps inside the booth mean excellent soundproofing parameters and an absolutely "echo free" booth. When you enter it, you will simply hear silence. You can focus on the conversation or take a break from the noise outside. The speech level reduction (DS,A) of S Pro Pod is  33 dB. This makes the IMIN Pod one of the leading acoustic booths on the market.

Touch control panel

Warm light or cold... or maybe half and half?. The touch regulator -  placed on the back wall, at arm's height - allows you to change the colour temperature of the light, its intensity, as well as the level of ventilation. Set the configuration permanently or play with the regulator while using the pod.

LED 11W, 200-1200 lm, 3000-6000K

Customisable colour 

You can choose any colour for your pod from the RAL or NCS palette. Giving you a whole lot of possibilities - what is important - without additional costs. Only with us you can perfectly match the colour of the booth to the style of your office. 

Efficient Ventilation and Air quality

The performance parameter of the fan perfectly harmonizes with the minimal sound it

generates. Total air flow in S PRO pod is 170 m3/h/pc

Speed ​​regulation 1200/1500/1800/min . Max. power: 5.4W, 0.45A (12V)



Made of natural decorative plywood, bent into a semi-circular shape, it provides everything - comfort of work and decorative values. In addition, it has a special rebate in which you can place your tablet or phone, obtaining the perfect angle for video-conferencing. 

Material: decorative plywood coated with laminate layer.

Length 900 mm, height 100 mm, depth 350 mm.

Interior material 

Acoustic panels (bass traps) upholstered with Milos Davis fabric, lacquered MDF (lacquer with PZH certificate)

Ceiling: bass trap finished with certified acoustic fabric, LED linear luminaire

Floor: acoustic lining with anti-knock underlayment

Exterior material

Lacquered MDF (RAL or NCS palette), covered with a transparent protective varnish. Glued glass (foil); 5+5mm (total thickness 11mm)


Elegant mediaport with a 230V and USB socket is literally at hand to charge two devices at the same time.


Input: 240 VAC, 6.0 A, 50–60 Hz, Output VAC (table socket): 6A-250V                             

USB Charging: USB 230V/5 V; 1500mA

External dimensions H 2280, L 1020, W1020 mm


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