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You don’t need a traditional office-hours mindset. You need partners who will work all hours to replace your problems with brilliant solutions. You need a nice tight team of smart people dedicated to giving you incredible value.

We source directly from carefully-chosen that we have strong relationships and proven track records with. We supplied WeWork with 700,000 sets of desks, chairs and pedestals into 700 buildings in 30 different countries saving them over $100 million. Think what we could do for you.

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Client Reviews

"Echelon supplied workstations and luxury bespoke furniture as part of our global rollout. Their team worked with us around the world to deliver a quality product that delivered the high standards we expected.

Echelon has an experienced team who can expertly traverse the various challenges and restrictions we face throughout our global markets.
They are leaders in sourcing, creating, and specifying our furniture requirements, and their attention to detail means that we trust them to work with us again and again."