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Front Row Seats: 5 Great Reception Solutions


Clients, prospective employees and pretty much everyone entering the office who isn’t a catburglar will be interacting with your front of house, so it’s important to make a great first impression.

Circle From Water Knoll

The circle collection from Walter Knoll is certainly a showstopper – the plush, flowing contours of the design bring to mind the waveforms of water or magma. Dividing into 3 main parts, the sofa backrest remains the same for each section; ensuring a fluid line passes along the system; while the angle and joining seat moves from a deep, relaxed recline (for laptop use) to shallow for upright sitting meetings. Given the right amount of space, this modular design is a signature piece for offices wanting to make a strong and daring impression.

Geta Low from Modus

Geta helps create that ‘home away from home’ feel in the office that is becoming ever more popular. With plush, low seating in a large range of modules; virtually any composition is possible. The plinth is a great addition for storage and the tight wooden frame neatly contrasts with the deep cushioned seating. When the system is placed back-to-back, the clustered seats are low enough for neighbourly conversation, excellent for a morning coffee meeting space.

Horizon Range from Connection

With so many colours and configurations at a reasonable price point – Connection’s Horizon range is like Lego for designers and clients. The sleek, curved lines of this collection’s pieces are intricately weaved together to create a variety of organic expressions; from small touchdown hubs to lengthened waves throughout the workspace. As the range is dual upholstered, colour palettes can be as striking or unassuming as preferred. We see this working in receptions, social spaces or educational settings where you can collaborate and communicate.


Point from Materia

The strong construction of Point means the product has a wide array of different combinations; each creating very different personalities and functions. Power sockets can be introduced to divide spaces into collaborative zones and the flat geometric armrests and backrests can be placed to ringfence areas for specific uses. We particularly like the benching platform; it’s deep enough to sit on both sides and works very well on its own or as a long dynamic shape, winding its way through the office.


Zinta from Arper

Arper’s modular system, Zinta is a visual treat. Comprising of a thin, timber shell on an aluminium leg, the range is split into waiting, eating and lounge platforms – the main distinction is where you’d like the majority of the generous cushion support. The beauty of this system is in the contrast of the slimline, gentle lines of the wooden shell with the warm, bright upholstery. With a range of cushion options with diverse materials and fillings, it can serve a range of environments from residential to cafeteria, lounge to office with equal ease.

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